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Archive for June 2010


Video: Skyline GTR Burnout

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ZIAX and Thebodykitfactory – BEWARE! RIP-OFF Trader


I'm putting this message up as a warning to anyone that is thinking about purchasing any items from ZIAX or THEBODYKITFACTORY Before you purchase items from either or read the following:
I purchased a set of Carbon Fibre 400R arches for our Skyline GTR on the 1st April. Mid June they still haven't arrived, I've had countless excuses since then with false hopes. I thought I was alone until I read the following post on the SkylineOwners Forum where he has been banned you can read about several people who have had similar problems:
So once again the website is ZIAX, or, or or TheBodyKitFactory DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE TRADE WITH THIS PERSON. Note: Website owners, you can help by linking to this page with the keywords ZIAX or THEBODYKITFACTORY to ensure it comes up high in Google to stop people from purchasing from his shop.