HKS Academy - Rotorstock 7

Team GTR R33 Skyline at HKS Academy With uncertaintity about rain and grey clouds covering the sky at 6.30am, we still headed up to HKS Academy at Santa Pod Raceway. Rotorstock 7 was the first place to host the HKS Academy drag event which is a prequel to the HKS drag series. The Team GTR Skyline run at Japshow earlier this year, but didn't get good runs due to a variety of problems with engine misfiring and flying ashtrays. USC 2010, we couldn't run as we had transmission issues, but by Rotostock two weeks after USC 2010 the car was ready to compete.

Currently the two known issues with the car are bad diff ratios, due to the hybrid R34 Gearbox, with R33 diffs and serious amount of lag due to a cracked manifold and a big turbo (HKS T51 Kai) better suited for a 2.8 litre not a 2.6 litre.

I recently got my hands on a NOS kit from ZEX, which was mapped by Sam @ TDI's to help spool up the Turbo and switch off once the Turbo is on boost. My confidence in the Nitrous system was low, due to the solonoid failing in the past and just dumping fuel into the car. On Thursday at TDI's in Lakeside, the car produce 710 WHP, and the results from the map showed an increase in power a lot earlier on in the rev range, reducing the turbo lag.

Unlike normal RWYB it's first over the line, so reaction time is everything. No time to prep, soon as both cars are staged it's green.

So in the Semi Final up against a 10 sec Evo II I flicked the switch to activate NOS Anti-Lag. This made a great 2nd gear boost and pushed me over the finish line at 11.12 secs leaving the Evo behind.

In the Final I was up against an RX7 that was being worked on the night before up until 3am getting ready for the academy. Both of us with ambitions of winning HKS Academy knew that we had to push ourselves and the cars hard to cross that line first. Once your on that startline and you see those lines go green, you don't think about what your doing, you just feel. I punched the car through the gears and went two quickly into 5th instead of 3rd! Within a split second I was back in third and thought that's it - I've lost. I waited for the sound of the rotary to blitz past me, but heard nothing…

After I crossed the line I let the car roll and slowed down waiting for him to come next to me back into the pits. Completely confused wondering what had happend. My excitement was short as I was worried and kept asking around what happend to the guy with the RX7? My friend rushing from the startline to where I was, was shouting broken diff. My opponent had broke his diff launching his car off the start line, running drag slicks with seriously low pressure was too much.

Now it's time to celebrate my first win in a drag racing competition, and after I calmed down I can say I'm well and truly looking forward to the next victory.

Thanks to:
  • Warren Meade for trackside support at HKS Academy
  • Sam & Shaun at TDI's for mapping the car and setting it up with Nitrous
  • Immy at Midlands Exhausts for letting us use the ramp
  • Mario for sorting the transmission problems out
  • Hom at GTBitz.com for support and advice
  • Rick at TrakBak Racing
Shahin Fard holding the HKS Academy Trophy
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