Lexus deep dish alloys

With the huge arches left by the Carbon cladded Lexus, one of the challenges is to find deep enough alloys to bolt to the existing hubs. Using hubcentric spacers is like putting up a white flag and giving in. The Lexus IS 200 comes with a standard wheel width of 7J and an offset of 45mm. To bring the wheels out flush I need to decrease the offset in proportion to the width (J) of the wheel. With my trusty tape measure I need to bring the wheels out an additional 80mm. So something like the following would work 18x11J -30 offset (Front) 18x13J -3 offset (Rear) These wheels were found on an eBay listing from JapanDyno. If you look through his daily blog some of the wheels he's bought and sold are outstanding. The only place to find deep dish wheels like this in the UK is Driftworks . I also found out recently that Nengun are now offering an English interface to the Yahoo Japan Auction. So I've been looking at Japanese Auctions as well. The Work Emitz wheels pictured above would fit the arches nicely, however the styling of the wheels doesn't realy suit a Japanese JGTC inspired racecar. Also they are pretty heavy at over 15kg a corner. Last night I found the following wheels on VRWheels.com - Work Meister 18x10J -21, 18x11J -23. At over $2.5k in the USA an our rubbish currency rate at the moment they are equivalent to a brand new set in the UK. But with this dish and offset is quite rare. I've dropped an email to VRWheels and will see what they say about shipping. Whilst we are working on the Lexus I'm pushing it around on the Volks Racing GT-C's used for drag racing, even at 18x9.5J and 18 offset they look tiny on the new wide arches.
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